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Movement Building Involves Discomfort / Kelly Hayes

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Even if we never develop a sense of mutual respect and understanding, or even come to like the people we’re working with, we can still build power with them. In many cases, we must. After all, the whole world is at stake. We must ask ourselves, how much discomfort is the whole world worth?

Chuck interviews Truthout's Kelly Hayes on the article she co-wrote the Boston Review essay with past guest Mariame Kaba, “How Much Discomfort Is the Whole World Worth?: Movement building requires a culture of listening—not mastery of the right language.”

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Kelly Hayes

Kelly Hayes is a Menominee organizer and writer. She is coauthor, with Mariame Kaba, of Let This Radicalize You: Organizing and the Revolution of Reciprocal Care. Hayes is also the host of Truthout’s podcast “Movement Memos” and a contributing writer at Truthout.


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