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From the Vault: Ending Neoliberal Power Creep and Financial Capitalism / Saskia Sassen

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Now we have a bunch of legislators who really haven’t done their homework in years. They checked out of telecommunications. They checked out of finance, “It’s too complicated for me, let’s leave that to the experts.” And the experts at the executive branch, of course, come from the sectors because they are the only ones who really understand because also there nobody did their homework. Then we have a bunch of legislators who have sold out to lobbyists. So our legislature, right now, is not highly admirable.

Saskia Sassen is professor of sociology and member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University. Saskia's most recent book is 2007's "A Sociology of Globalization" (WW Norton). She wrote this week's openDemocracy piece, "The new executive politics: a democratic challenge". Before that, she wrote April's openDemocracy article, "Too big to save: the end of financial capitalism."

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Saskia Sassen

Saskia Sassen is a Dutch-American sociologist noted for her analyses of globalization and international human migration. She is a professor of sociology at Columbia University in New York City, and the London School of Economics. The term global city was coined and popularized by Sassen in her 1991 work, The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo.