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The Elite Academic Experts Propagating the Police State

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Certainly at every moment in this country's history, bold, beautiful, visionary, social change, seemed hard. It seemed very hard to end slavery. It seemed very hard to get women the right to vote, right? At every every single turn In the Civil Rights Movement, it seemed extremely hard. But thank goodness there were millions of human beings who refuse to accept that, who organized in their community who built beautiful political operations that demanded that our society make certain very basic changes and and of course at every single moment in that history they were opposed by the police. But to say that none of this stuff is possible and so we should just give up and and solve all of these problems by adding more police is just ludicrous. It's the path to Fascism and I think that it's an extremely unfortunate development that people like this are offered a platform to spew this kind of nonsense that de-radicalizes an entire generation of students.

Alec Karakatsanis joins Chuck Mertz to discuss his piece "Warning to Journalists About Elite Academia" published at . Alec is the founder and executive director of Civil Rights Corps and Author of Usual Cruelty.

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