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The Disappearing Art of Maintenance / Alex Vuocolo

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Going forward, we have to have a conversation about how these processes work apart from capital. Right now you can’t disaggregate them, they’re completely entangled. The food system we have, the way the eggs get to the supermarket, is a process that is everywhere and at every point mediated by capital. But it is still a technical, human, social process at the exact same time. And I think figuring out how to disentangle them, and then take them on their own terms, is crucial to securing the future, I really do. I think that means talking to farmers, talking to linemen for a grid operator, talking to engineers of the local maintenance system, there are so many workers out there who are working everyday to secure our future, and we neglect them.

Reporter Alex Vuocolo speaks with host Chuck Mertz about his NOEMA Magazine article "The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance" published September 22nd, 2022.


Image: Kecko from Eastern Switzerland, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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