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Climate Change Class War / Matthew Huber

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Even socialists on the left were talking about climate change as fundamental problem of class inequality, because if you look at carbon footprint data and analysis, you see that the richest consumers in the economy, the ones that are consuming lots of steak and driving SUVs and flying around a lot, they have much higher emissions than the poor individuals across the the world. And this kind of analysis of class inequality, and sometimes it was called carbon inequality, would crunchhe numbers and show that like, 10% of the top. 10% of societies is consumes about fifty percent of global emissions. But what that kind of analysis of class, really just equates class with one's income and consumption practices. And so again, it's what consumers do in there, what they do with their money, with their consumption.

Host Chuck Mertz speaks with with Geographer Matthew Huber to discuss how individualized focus on the purification of consumer choices divides the working class and depletes energy for collective organizing against the the Capitalist culprits profiting off the extraction of environmental resources. Matthew T. Huber is Professor of Geography in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. His book Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet published May 2022 on Verso.…ge-as-class-war

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