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Family Policing / Dorothy Roberts

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[The child welfare system] is such a powerful system in terms of the ideology it promotes, and it does it in such an insidious way by convincing so many people that impoverished, Black and Native children are being cared for by the system and diverts people's attention from the real reasons why Black and Native indigenous children have the highest rates of poverty. You know, it's not because they have bad, unloving parents and need to be rescued by white saviors. It's because of the unequal structures in our society. I think we do have to look at all these different layers of the way in which this system operates to really understand what its function is, and why so many people don't understand its function, and are fooled by the myth of benevolence and child protection, and why it's so important to abolish it.

Dorothy Roberts is an award-winning author and expert on the interplay of gender, race, and class in legal issues concerning reproduction, bioethics, and child welfare. She is a professor of law and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Chuck Mertz interviews Dorothy about her latest book, TORN APART: How the child welfare system destroys black families—and how abolition can build a safer world.

TORN APART available Now at Basic Books…/9781541675445/


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