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Far too late for justice: Systematic police killings of Black citizens in Civil Rights era Detroit.


The policies that were put in place, the legal changes, the coverup apparatus in response to Civil Rights and Black Power demands for police accountability in the 1960s and 1970s - are the same policies and laws that continue to exonnerate police officers for violence today. This is not about the individual officer and the individual encounter. These are laws and policies and systems designed for non-accountability.

Historian Matthew D. Lassiter on Detroit's brutal system of police violence and racial repression in response to the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and his multimedia exhibit Detroit Under Fire: Police Violence, Crime Politics, and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Civil Rights Era and article Police and the License to Kill for Boston Review.

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Matthew D. Lassiter

Matthew D. Lassiter is Professor of History at the University of Michigan and director of the Policing and Social Justice HistoryLab.


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