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The disaster of militarized humanitarianism - in Haiti and beyond.


This is a model that's becoming more and more the norm - the system of national public infrastructure has broken down, it's been splintered, and instead we have this mix of uneven infrastructure and kinetic elites, who are able to move in and out of these places more easily, while local populations are just brought in and out as low paid service workers.

Sociologist Mimi Sheller on the politics of mobility and exclusion under a regime of militarized, international humanitarian control, and the future Caribbean as a site of  either colonial expansion into the Anthropocene, or adaptation, transformation and justice.

Mimi is author of the book Island Futures: Caribbean Survival in the Anthropocene from Duke University Press.

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Mimi Sheller

Mimi Sheller is Director of the Center for Mobilities Research & Policy and a Professor of Sociology at Drexel University