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Genocidal past, homicidal present, suicidal future: Toward decolonial revolution.


What if we operate according to a politics of affinity? It's a matter of us contending with the relationships and the violence that we re-enact, because institutions and the state don't exist outside us - we fill them up and re-enact those violences that we're born into every single day in our day-to-day encounters. We can never delineate the violence or asymmetries of power amongst us, but we can certainly minimize of them, by embodying politics of responsibility.

Writer Mohamed Abdou examines the dimensions of rebellion and repression embedded within ourselves and the colonial state, and calls for a radical new politics of affinity rooted in the rematriation of Indigenous land and the decolonization of our relationships with power, history and the nation.

Mohamed wrote the essay Let Empire collapse: why we need a decolonial revolution for ROAR Magazine.

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Mohamed Abdou

Mohamed Abdou is a writer and is currently teaching a course on Indigenous Land Education and Black Geographies at the University of Toronto-SJE-OISE.