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On evictions, police brutality and the violence of class war in South Africa.


Until we are able to register our problems, and the scale of our problems, as arising fundamentally due to the structure of South Africa's political economy, then the nature of social relations will persist - because they are being sustained by our political economy, rather than simply being a matter of racial subjugation and disenfranchisement, as it was during apartheid.

Writer William Shoki examines the cyclical, class nature of evictions and police brutality against poor and working class South Africans - as the nation's political economy operates for domestic and global capital, the social relations of apartheid and colonialism persist long after their apparent, historical demise.

William wrote the articles The existing order of things and The class character of police violence for Africa is a Country.

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William Shoki

William Shoki is Staff Writer of Africa Is A Country.


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