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Moment of Truth: Back on my Sixteen Tons.


It’s gonna happen out on Highway 162. They’re gonna scrape off about three-inches of 1000 feet of mess-up highway, grind it up, and instead of mixing it with tar made from leftover bitumen, waste usually trucked in from an oil refinery – and you know there aren’t as many of those left as there used to be – instead of tar, they’ll mix it with a binder made from melted plastic beverage containers. #1 PET plastic, the most commonly recycled plastic in the world, and actually in high demand already, but they’ll probably retool eventually to use #3, 4, and 5 plastic. Give them time. Like we have time. Like we have all the time in the world.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen hauls sixteen tons.

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Jeff Dorchen

According to his contacts on LinkedIn, Jeff Dorchen can do just about anything. He’s a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, poet, playwright and screenwriter.


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