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Erase her when they can: The politics of anti-abortion.


You now have a party that is entirely dedicated to the anti-abortion movement. You have states that pass an incredible number of laws that make it almost impossible to get an abortion - not impossible, but almost impossible. They've changed parties, they've changed laws and they've changed what we talk about when we talk about abortion... They have been the engines of the abortion debate for the last 50 years and the Pro-Choice movement has been unable to fully reckon with that.

Historian Jennifer L. Holland examines the politics of the American anti-abortion movement - as a reactionary co-optation of the Civil Rights movement, as a powerful ally for political conservatives, and a longterm project deeply embedded in American politics.

Jennifer is author of the book Tiny You: A Western History of the Anti-Abortion Movement from University of California Press.

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Jennifer Holland

Jennifer L. Holland is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma.