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We are already living under right wing climate realism.


If we really are serious about mitigating and adapting for climate change - because we're sick of this world, we're exhausted by this world, we want a different way of doing things, we want life to be better for people right now - it requires us to build up a tremendous political power, to rethink the subject of politics in climactic terms.

Writer Ajay Singh Chaudhary counters the idea that climate change will bring people in an unequal society together, and explains why the first step in saving ourselves from disaster is looking upwards at the capitalist elite steering the rest of us off a cliff.

Ajay wrote the article We’re Not in This Together for The Baffler.

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Ajay Singh Chaudhary

Ajay Singh Chaudhary is a writer and the executive director of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.


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