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We are not outside nature: On COVID-19 and ecological collapse.


We have this arrogance that we can once again make the world accommodate to our needs, that we are somehow not part of it. If anything the virus has told us 'You are part of this world, and we will move fluidly through your bodies and your borders and your calendars and your clocks - whatever you have, because you too are part of this world.' This idea that we are above it all, it's going take some pretty deep soul-searching to unravel and unlearn.

Writer Vijay Kolinjivadi explores the shared root of the Coronavirus pandemic and the ecological disaster of climate change - a global production system built on expansion, acceleration and denial of humanity's material connection with nature and requirements of life beyond the demands of capitalism.

Vijay wrote the article "This pandemic IS ecological breakdown: different tempo, same song for Uneven Earth.

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Vijay Kolinjivadi

Vijay Kolinjivadi is a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Development Policy at the University of Antwerp and contributing editor at Uneven Earth.


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