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I want to see the slate wiped clean: The case against school.


If I was a teacher, I would say 'no one gets out of here win an A unless we all get an A - if your friend is not doing so well and you're doing OK, you stop and help that person.' You work as a group, not a group of individuals. You might think it's every man for himself in the world, so we must make it like that at school, but until we figure out that we can't go on like that, that we must collaborate to solve what is now a world-wise issue, we better start in schools.

Artist Pen Donovan explores the drawbacks of the modern school system - as an autocratic space that ignores the needs (and strengths) of children, and instead creates alienated and isolated subjects for a dehumanized workforce - and explains why the whole system must be torn down and replaced with something caring, and productive, and human.

Pen is author of the book School is Stupid: Notes from the Classroom from Smashwords.

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Pen Donovan

Pen Donovan is an artist currently residing in Australia.


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