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The idea that sleep is a form of free speech leads us to ask what is it that happens when people camp together, in order to sleep together, and are not in a rush? They establish forms of solidarity through conversation... In a lot of different ways, sleep is tied to talking with one another. That's really important to organizing, but also to discovering things that we're experiencing in common.

Historian Franny Nudelman explores the radical work of anti-war Vietnam veterans using sleep - as a setting to understand the traumatic effects of violence on the human psyche, and as a weapon of direction action against the government that pushed them into the waking nightmare of warfare.

Franny is author of Fighting Sleep: The War for the Mind and the US Military from Verso.

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Franny Nudelman

Franny Nudelman is a writer and Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Carleton University in Ottawa.


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