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The Green New Deal will not save us.


If we want to reorganize the economy and the way that we live in a way that makes sense, that isn't crazy, we're going to have to break the link of these global markets, and we're going to have to find ways to feed ourselves and make shelter and produce the things we need using less energy - and that means localizing a lot of production. But at the same time, that process, to be successful, needs to be a global process and you can still build connections between people thousands of miles away - there can be another kind of globalization built on assistance and solidarity and communication.

Writer Jasper Bernes examines the dirty, old problems with the Green New Deal - as extractivist, pro-growth approaches to global warming push the climate, and capitalism in more dangrous directions, they blind us from the immediate task of tearing down the instrastructure and social relations at the heart of both crises.

Jasper wrote the essay Between the Devil and the Green New Deal for Commune.

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Jasper Bernes

Jasper Bernes is a writer and founding / managing editor of Commune Magazine.


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