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There are no red lines: Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen is America's war on Yemen.


We have the US military in the command room deciding with the Saudis which places are going to be targeted. We have US warplanes fueling Saudi and Emirati jets mid-air. We have US special forces on the ground at the Yemeni-Saudi Arabian border. The US Army is boasting about contacts where they train Saudi soldiers and maintain their vehicles. In every way centrally, they are involved in this war. The only thing they're not doing is pulling the trigger.

Writer Shireen Al-Adeimi examines the bloody US hand in the ongoing atrocities in Yemen - after 4 years of Saudi warfare with US weapons, training, intelligence and political support, a challenge to the establishment that enables and prolongs the slaughter of the Yemeni people must be mounted here and now.

Shireen wrote the article As War on Yemen Hits the 4-Year Mark, Here’s a Brief History of U.S. Involvement for In These Times.

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Shireen Al-Adeimi

Shireen Al-Adeimi is an assistant professor of education at Michigan State University. 


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