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We need public money to pay for a future in the public's interest.


It's not the Democratic Party where the change will from. The change will come from all those movements that are rising up and fighting for this. There is a new momentum, with new progressive congresswomen and men that don't look to the corporate sector, but at public ownership and democratizing the economy to make this work. It's really looking at transforming the economy on a bigger scale, and putting people and ecological concerns at the center.

Geographer Lavinia Steinfort examines the potential of creating new, public money in the people’s interest - as a tool to fight the coming storm of climate change and the persistence of racial and economic injustice, and a way to bridge the gap between social movements and political power dug by private capital.

Lavinia wrote the essay The Power of Public Finance for the Future we Want for the Transnational Institute's State of Power 2019 report.

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Lavinia Steinfort

Lavinia Steinfort is a critical geographer, political activist and researcher at the Transnational Institute.


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