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Worse than you can imagine: Why climate realism requires climate radicalism.


Even the smallest attempts at amelioration have been met with these massive pushbacks that you would expect if you were proposing the most radical solutions. So why not, at this point, think about the most radical solutions to climate change - which would be completely decoupling the economy from carbon-based energy sources.

N+1 editor Marco Roth looks realistically at a world undergoing radical climate change - from an oligarchic elite already deep in self-survivalist mode, to the inevitability, and necessity, of this civilization's collapse, and the joyous work of building a new world from the rubble, if enough of us survive the fall.

Marco is co-author of the N+1 essay The Best of a Bad Situation.

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Marco Roth

Marco Roth is a co-founder and Senior Editor of n+1 magazine.


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