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Outside the White newsroom.


From the telegraph to radio to cable to the internet to social media - people of color at each juncture have hoped that a freer flow of information could result in the end of the racial caste system in America, and a more fair society. And it never has. Technology may assist us in confronting these deeper, oppressive power structures, but history shows technology is not the cure-all. It takes some sort of deeper, more profound, fundamental revolution that hasn't happened in this country yet.

Journalist Aaron Miguel Cantú explains what a White press won't write about White supremacy - from the newsmedia's unwillingness to confront the oppressive structures at the foundation of American society and within its own industry, to the ways 'impartiality' lets journalists off the hook for their own, collective blindspots when it comes to seeing color in American life.

Aaron wrote the article The Whitest News You Know for The Baffler.

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Aaron Miguel Cantu

Aaron Miguel Cantú is a journalist working for the Santa Fe Reporter.


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