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Elyas Nawandish

Elyas Nawandish is an Afghanistan Observatory Scholar at New America. Since 2014, he has worked with the Kabul-based Etilaat Roz daily newspaper, where he is currently the online chief editor, supervising a team of 20 journalists. Previously, he served as news manager, investigative reporter, and text editor for Etilaat Roz. He has produced around 160 reports and editorials, including 12 major investigations on politics, security, human rights, rule of law, corruption, and abuse of state resources by former Afghan government officials. Nawandish holds a bachelor’s degree in Dari language and literature from Kabul University. He also completed a journalism course in 2014 with the USAID-funded group Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan.


Elyas Nawandish Interviews
Elyas Nawandish
Oct 10 2022
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Collapse in Afghanistan / Elyas Nawandish