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Episode 967

Fighting Words

Aug 28 2017

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Nathan J. Robinson

We simply have better ideas: What the left loses in free speech battles.

Current Affairs Editor Nathan J. Robinson explains why the left must think strategically about its methods and objectives when confronting far-right speech, and building its own arguments not just in the cultural sphere, but on the political and economic battlegrounds it has ceded for a generation.

Nathan wrote the articles We'll Beat the Fascists with Ideas, Not Fists for In These Times and Thinking Strategically About Free Speech and Violence and Response to A Critique on Free Speech and Violence for Current Affairs.



Jeff Dorchen

Gawking at royalty, celebrity and other car wrecks.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen considers the lowly high-born class, destined to be mocked by all the other animals, and sympathizes with the working class paparazzi, just trying to earn a living and stay afloat like the rest of us petunias, Bollywood actresses and ant experts while the capitalist tide raises all boat-owners.

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