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Episode 954

World Wealth Organization

May 27 2017

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Michael J. Glennon

Towards autocracy: Who wins Trump's battle with the security state?

Law scholar Michael J. Glennon examines the long, post-Truman transfer of power from democratically elected politicians to un-elected managers of the security state, and explains how Trump's provocation of America's double government (and conversely, its new liberal defenders) could restructure the mechanisms of power in our democracy.

Michael wrote the June cover story Security Breach: Trump’s tussle with the bureaucratic state for Harper's.



Brian Mier

The working class is now united: A report on dissent and democracy in Brazil.

Brasil Wire editor Brian Mier reports on a massive pro-democracy protest in Brasilia - against the corruption of an unelected post-coup government and their neoliberal austerity project, and explains what the Brazilian corporate media, New York Times, Black Bloc and American individualists all get wrong about a working class movement that's only getting bigger and more powerful.

Brian wrote the article Brasilia 24/5: A View from the Ground for Brasilwire and posted a video of the Brasilia protests on TIH!'s Facebook page.



Andy Thayer

On class, intersectionality and the Democratic mainstreaming of the gay agenda.

Activist Andy Thayer examines the mainstream LGBTQ movement's long history of failure to challenge the Democratic Party on issues of economics, racial justice and war, and calls for a young generation of activists to challenge Gay Inc.'s control of the movement's political power, and deliver economic security and social justice for all, not just the rich donor class.

Andy wrote the article The LGBTQ Movement is an Intersectional Fail for Counterpunch.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Andrew Brooks

No such thing as nature: Exploring the origins of global wealth and poverty.

Development geographer Andrew Brooks explores the uneven geography of human welfare - from the dawn of colonialism to the triumph of global capital - and explains how Western development models co-produce impoverishment with wealth, and replicate the political and economic framework that returns profit to the Global North, decade after decade.

Andrew wrote the book The End of Development: A Global History of Poverty and Prosperity for Zed Books.