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Episode 838


Feb 28 2015

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Flint Taylor

Gitmo2Chicago2Burge2Vietnam: How police abuse in Chicago extends way beyond Homan Square.

Attorney Flint Taylor connects the Homan Square ‘black site’ story to a larger history of secrecy, violence and abuse that spans decades, continents and wars.

Flint was quoted in the much talked-about, Spencer Ackerman article The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ at the Guardian.



Will Jordan

The Spy Cables leak uncovers Israel's aggressive push into the politics of South Africa.

Journalist Will Jordan reports on what the world has learned about Israel’s internal, and international, intelligence operations – from a split on Iran’s nuclear programs, to blackmail and cyber-attacks in South Africa.

Will is one of the journalists publishing the Spy Cables series of reports at Al Jazeera.



Peter Pomerantsev

A TV guide to the sophisticated methods of Vladimir Putin's surreal propaganda machine.

TV producer Peter Pomerantsev explains how Vladimir Putin reshaped Russian television into a hallucinatory structure of control – where conspiracy, propaganda and cynicism dominate reality and manufacture the need for Putin himself.

Peter is author of the new book Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Steve Horn

Bomb trains are blowing up across North America. Figuratively. And literally.

Journalist Steve Horn reports on the economic, environmental and political realities of the growing oil-by-rail industry, from derailments and explosions across North America to the lobbyists working both parties to keep the money and oil flowing.

Steve has been covering bomb trains and the flow of money and oil in his recent writing at DeSmog Blog.



Gerard Ryle

The Swiss Leaks report shows how HSBC funded a parallel universe for the globe's financial elite.

Investigative journalist Gerard Ryle explains how Swiss bank HSBC enabled the rich to hide their wealth and conduct illicit transactions, what the US can and could and won’t do about offshore banking, and why financial secrecy poses a threat to democracy around the world.

Gerard has been digging through the Swiss Leaks, a series of files documenting the illicit financial dealings of Swiss banking giant HSBC.



Jeff Dorchen

Dating advice from a man haunted by the specter of capitalist narration.

Poor Jeff Dorchen tries to go on a date and winds up taking home an internalized capitalist narrator in his crappy car.