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Episode 1557

Supression of the Black Vote Fuels Fascism / Clarence Lusane

Feb 13 2023

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2008 voting line in brooklyn
Clarence Lusane

Suppression of the Black Vote Fuels Fascism / Clarence Lusane

Dr. Clarence Lusane joins This is Hell! to discuss his series of Tom Dispatch articles, explaining how MAGA fascists found inspiration in suppressing the black vote to storm the US Capitol on Jan. 6th 2021.…he-steal-movement/

Dr. Clarence Lusane is a Professor, former Chairman of Howard University’s Department of Political Science, and current Director of the International Affairs program. He is an author, activist, scholar, lecturer, and journalist. For more than 40 years, he has written about and been active in national and international human rights, anti-racism politics, Diaspora engagements, U.S. foreign policy, democracy building, and social justice issues such as education, criminal justice, and voting rights. He earned his B.A. from Wayne State University, and both his Masters and Ph.D. from Howard University in Political Science. His most recent book is The Black History of the White House.

<a href="">April Sikorski from Brooklyn, USA</a>, <a href="">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>, via Wikimedia Commons

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