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Episode 1539

Monstrous Torture by the Depraved Police / Flint Taylor

Dec 7 2022

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Jeff Dorchen

The Dawning Of The Age

Today's white nationalists style themselves the revolutionary speakers of Truth to Power, a darkly comic stretch of history's mirror.  

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Abu ghraib cell block
Flint Taylor

Monstrous Torture by the Depraved Police / Flint Taylor

Lawyer and activist Flint Taylor returns to the program to discuss his recent article in the Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report "The Wrongful Conviction of Johnnie Lee Savory.

Taylor’s work in fighting against police torture in Chicago over the past 29 years has been instrumental in obtaining the conviction and imprisonment of police torture ringleader Jon Burge and the precedent setting decision that upheld the inclusion of former Mayor Richard M. Daley as a co-conspiring defendant in the Tillman civil rights case.