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Episode 1522

The Surveillance State and Muslim America / Fatema Ahmad

Oct 5 2022

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The lost dauphine
Jeff Dorchen

SuperTruth®: The Clowns of the Lost Dauphine

In early fall of 1989, tragedy struck the clowning community in an incident that has since inspired fata morgana-like sightings of what circus folk call The Lost Dauphine.

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512px surveillance video cameras  gdynia
Fatema Ahmad

The Surveillance State and Muslim America / Fatema Ahmad

We speak with Fatema Ahmad, co-author, along with Azadeh Shahshahani, of a new article at The Progressive, “The Surveillance State Can’t Solve White Supremacy: After the January 6 attack, federal surveillance programs expanded to counter white supremacist violence have made Black and brown communities their main target.” Fatema is executive director of the Muslim Justice League.