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Episode 1082

Five years after Ferguson / The abortion fight now

Oct 15 2019

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Jenny Brown

No other choice: On the fight for abortions - past and present.

Organizer Jenny Brown examines the long history and present politics of the fight for abortions in America, and explains why the left must be clear and honest about abortion - as an unrestricted right, as a social service to be included in national healthcare, and as an unfinished front of the feminist revolution.

Jenny is author of Without Apology: The Abortion Struggle Now from Verso.



Andrea Boyles

What are the police enforcing, five years after Ferguson?

Sociologist Andrea Boyles examines the dynamics between police and Black and Brown communities in the five years since the Ferguson uprising, and explains why justice and peace is impossible in a society where the use of force is monopolized to enforce an unjust, violent proposition - White supremacy.

Andrea is author of You Can't Stop the Revolution: Community Disorder and Social Ties in Post-Ferguson from University of California Press.