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Episode 1057

Dose Encounters

May 25 2019

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Thomas Fazi

Where democracy means nothing: Against the European Union.

Journalist Thomas Fazi explains why no one is voting for democracy in the European Parliament elections - from the neoliberal power arrangements between the parliament, European Commission and European Central Bank that float above the influence and interest of Europe's citizens, to the ways the EU's makeup serve to constrain left progress - and why the only way out is out, not reform.

Thomas wrote the article The European Union Is an Antidemocratic Disgrace for Jacobin.



Astra Taylor

Some questions about democracy, whatever that might be.

Writer Astra Taylor dreams of democracy's radical potential, and one day reaching it - as an ancient idea we paradoxically crave and fear, a value contested by the people and the powerful, and as a platform to extend beyond electoral politics - into workplaces and schools and neighborhoods, and into the way we view the world and each other.

Astra is author of the book Democracy May Not Exist, but We'll Miss It When It's Gone from Metropolitan Books.



Suzy Lee

On the lines between migrant work, labor and the neoliberal border.

Development scholar Suzy Lee explores the material politics of migration in the neoliberal era - beyond the stagnant nativist / humanitarian framework that misses the shifting dynamics of capitalism under globalization and austerity programs, and explains why labor and the left must recognize all workers as workers, and capitalism as the force to be confronted.

Suzy wrote the paper The Case for Open Borders for Catalyst.



Garrison Lovely

Return trip: On the future of psychedelic drugs in America.

Writer Garrison Lovely explores the past and future politics of psychedelic drugs in America - after a generation of post-60s repression from the ruling class, the therapeutic and transformation potential of psychedelics still calls to a culture on a bad trip of isolation, fear and deep existential crises on the horizon.

Garrison wrote the article Make America Trip Again for Current Affairs.



Jeff Dorchen

A Sliver Of Slotkins: Celebrating the life of Danny Thompson.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen honors Danny Thompson, A Legend of The Arts gone too soon.

Read the transcript here