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Saturday on This is Hell!

9:10AM - Historian Joyce Mao explores China's role in shaping modern American conservatism.

Joyce is author of Asia First: China and the Making of Modern American Conservatism from University of Chicago Press.


10:05AM - Lawpagandist Brian Foley explains the importance of narrative and storytelling in the courtroom.

Brian will be talking about the Legal Writing Institute.


10:35AM - Writer Eve Ewing remembers the ghosts of closed public schools in Bronzeville and beyond.

Eve wrote the letter Phantoms Playing Double-Dutch: Why the Fight for Dyett is Bigger than One Chicago School Closing at Seven Scribes.


11:05AM - Author William Deresiewicz surveys the cost of a neoliberal university education.

William is author of the September Harper's cover story The Neoliberal Arts: How college sold its soul to the market.


12:05PM - Activist Alberto Roque Guerra contrasts LGBT life in Cuba and the United States.

Dr. Roque Guerra will be speaking at the LGBTs in Cuba event on September 1st.


12:45PM - Jeff Dorchen pokes the turd of nationalist paranoia.

Don't worry, Jeff will be using a stick in this metaphorical situation.



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