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Moment of Truth: Fun With Actual Nazis

I understand that no one listening to this, assuming anyone ever does, is one of those who, upon learning of the shooting in Buffalo and the shooter’s political leanings, said to themselves, “Darn it, another stain on the reputation of neo-Nazi ideology, which is otherwise a force for social good.” Nonetheless, it is to those magical and absent intellects I address the following.

You pilled people will try to get us to believe with a straight face that all the violence today emerges from three non-rightwing sources:

  1. A culture of Black people raised to behave antagonistically toward the cops, who are only trying their best to help keep order among a self-victimizing underclass created by JFK and LBJ

  2. Muslims, Mexicans, and other foreigners

3. Antifa

Even if any one of those were the true source of violence in the world, here in the USA there are enough actual neo-Nazis excessively laden with firearms and lunatic conspiracy theories to guarantee that, at least several times a season, a neo-Nazi will commit a mass shooting and leave behind a white nationalist “manifesto” explaining clearly their Nazi reasons for what I call, “going prenatal.” “Going postal” was always unfair to the hundreds of thousands of postal workers who never take out their legitimate grievances on their coworkers in a paroxysm of flying lead. I call it “going prenatal” because Replacement Theory is what a fetus would believe at fifteen weeks if it actually had an operational human brain. It’s like “infantile” but even less mature.

The Bard, or as the groundlings know him, Shakespeare, famously theorized that if a million monkeys were given a million typewriters and an eternity to clackety-clack away, they would eventually write his entire catalogue, including the sonnets, plus a John Grisham novel where the hero defeats his antagonist by collating document pages and applying monster clips to keep them from falling into disarray.

By the same token, if you give enough primates enough firearms and poison them with 24-hour radio, TV, and online indoctrination into swallowing a conspiracy to replace white Europeans like Barney Google and Snuffy Smith with people of color like Jim Thorpe and Jesse Owens, the odds themselves make it statistically necessary that one or two will periodically shoot up a Black church, a synagogue, or a grocery store, leaving a lengthy screed explaining the lessons they’ve learned from watching Tucker Carlson.

I know there are some of you non-listeners who watch Tucker Carlson to understand what’s going on in the world. That has to stop. You people need to be replaced. I don’t care what socially-constructed race we replace you with, but you must be replaced. I say, replace you with Jewish socialists, but I’m not wedded to the idea. Also, we need more sexually attractive people of all genders. Accepting people, with low standards. Who don’t mind spending their money.

People with IQs over 40 who swallow Tucker’s or any other Nazi bovine feces on any screen should consider some self-examination. I understand you might not think you’re genocidally racist. I won’t pretend to understand the twisted, braided, tangled logic by which you’ve achieved such self-deception, but it’s time for you to loosen the straps holding you into that sickening shotgun passenger seat in that hellbound crapwagon and consider which side of history you’re actually grooming yourself to be on. Whatever turbulent emotions you find yourself gnashing your teeth about concerning the woke left can be handled with introspection and meditation. And you can do what I do – ignore what annoys you as too ignorant for consideration.

But when an ideology for which there is no other interpretation than a call-to-arms to mass murder gets constant airplay on a popular venue, a decent human being should be able to recognize it, reject it as beneath them and beyond the pale, and revise their views.

If you feel like the rightwing is where the next great populist uprising is going to come from, that should chill you to the bone, assuming yours haven’t been replaced by ice or jello. You should have enough historical memory to recall all the other times such uprisings emerged from that

quarter. And if you think you’ll have a comfortable place in any society resulting from such an upheaval, please understand the kind of comfort you’re envisioning. Heidegger had a comfortable chair throughout the Third Reich. That chair is always waiting. But it is not in any way shape or form a seat of honor.

Dinesh D’Souza, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, James O’Keefe, Richard Spencer, Glenn Greenwald, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham: the list of popularizers of either Replacement Theory or general demonization of the enemies of a return to White Christian Ownership Supremacy and its mythical orderliness is way too long. Those lapping up this anus gravy and feeding the popularity of these snake-oil industry leaders need to wake up.

Being on the wrong side of history, I realize, isn’t the most unattractive of fates. Who really cares, since history is written by the victors and the victors usually put their colonialized populations in the “loser” category.

So let’s see if we can frame this in such a way that “Nazi equals bad” just emerges out of the argument like a pearl from a grain of sand on the tip of an oyster’s lip. Why should you stop watching and listening to rightwing propaganda and drinking up its deliciously venomous semen? Why should you get its festering erection out of your sucking mouths? Why shouldn’t you suck and suck like a broke meth addict behind a gas station trying to earn a microwave burrito?

What’s actually bad about using the demonization of non-white, non-Christian, anti-exploitation populations to rile up a political base of easily spooked gun nuts who see their spending power being taken away by monopoly capitalism but choose to blame teachers and immigrants? What’s wrong with swallowing lies by the gallon? So it persuades a few self-appointed soldier/saviors to murder people. They’re murdering mostly black people and Jews, and those are the people who are supposedly replacing the wonderful white race, who invented everything good in the world, so no big loss. It’s actually good that neo-Nazi violence is on the rise all over the world. Remember how well it ended in Berlin in the 1940s? But, oh, here we go again, appealing to the right side and wrong side of history.

I guess I don’t have another way to look at it. If you don’t know why the Nazis were bad, how they arose out of centuries of anti-Semitism in Europe, which was married eventually to racist literature, eugenics theory, and propaganda from the United States, which itself arose from the derogation of races for the purpose of using them as chattel or exploiting them as a cheap and disposable labor pool, if you have no grasp on the history of massacres by white power of indigenous people, workers, prisoners – anyone struggling against the hegemony of hoarded, weaponized excessive wealth – if you are so deluded that you think the real battle is one of victimized white people against the evil barbaric races and their leftist academic apologists or some such twisted pseudo-analysis, you can’t really be reached by a reasonable argument, anyway. And in that case, all I can do is wish you the worst of luck. I wish you utter failure in your project, whatever it is, if it in any way condones the rhetoric that has been implicated, in written manifesto form or otherwise, by the mass shooters in Buffalo, Christchurch, Pittsburgh, and Charleston, and if it any way finds common cause with any Unite the Right-style rally.

If you believe that the problem is that civilization is under threat from a vast barbarian underclass, funded or otherwise enabled by leftists, and that the solution to this false problem is to mock, belittle, demonize, or disempower that vast mythical barbarian underclass, you are simply wrong. You need to take a good long look at who you’re traveling with and get yourself on track to help the rest of us save the world from voracious capitalism stewarded by vacuous corporate Democrats and tap-dancing mountebank Republicans.

Upton Sinclair once said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." I think this is just as true when someone’s self-esteem and communal identity are threatened. When you have invested so much of your being in defining the world as overrun by swarthy hordes whose only goal is to take what you have with the help of liberal billionaires, entertainers, and academics, it seems to tend toward warping your analysis of other phenomena, such as the financial industry, taxes, and inflation. It allows you to ignore Trump giving away trillions to already rich people while you focus on Biden giving away trillions to rich people. Such analysis inevitably pits a team of “good capitalists” against a team of “bad socialists.” Neither exists. There are no good capitalists in the final analysis, and the

concessions you see being made to poor people or oppressed minorities do not rise to the level of “socialism.”

Whatever is being taken away from you is being vacuumed up into the financial realm of the controllers of money, land, and resources. And you are blinded by what is inevitably a racial hatred from seeing all the ways the tools of an ostensibly democratic system, designed mainly to placate a public who have legitimate grievances, is being manipulated, sabotaged, and refitted to further benefit those who already own the world.

There is an epidemic of this inability to understand among the bougie lovers of atheist libertarian scolds like Sam Harris and Bill Maher, bleeding into followers of Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan, ultimately falling into a dark pit of neo-Nazism presided over by Tucker Carlson and Fox News. It's not a positive spectrum to place oneself on.

Why am I going on about all this when the people I’m addressing aren’t in the audience? Maybe just to remind myself that there are ideas that are sickening to a society, no matter how seemingly normal those ideas become.

If it’s easier for you to Nazi than to see, you are doing it wrong. In the end, that’s the plain and simple fact of the matter.


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