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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:10 - Biologist Guy McPherson explains why near-term human extinction is guaranteed.

Guy is author of the giant, ongoing, terrifying Monster Climate Change Essay on his website Nature Bats Last.


10:05 - Marc Flury explores what we know / don't know about what happened / didn't happen in North Korea.

We'll also talk with Marc about THUMPER, his upcoming video game that everyone is looking forward to in 2016.


10:35 - Ed Sutton reports back from the trails and tribulations facing refugees along the Balkanroute.

Ed just published the essay O Balkan Pioneers: Anatomy of an Escape Route at his website Antidote Zine.


11:05 - Journalist Michael Massing examines the media's role in selling the One Percent to Americans.

Michael wrote the recent New York Review of Books article How to Cover the One Percent.


12:05 - Economist Mark Weisbrot reveals the intellectual poverty of the economic expert industry.

Mark is author of Failed: What the "Experts" Got Wrong about the Global Economy from Oxford University Press.


12:45 - Jeff Dorchen ponders the price and perqs of other people's fame.

People spell it that way. I cleared it with Jeff.



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