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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:20 - Writer Richard Hunsinger sees the future of capitalism in America's migrant concentration camps.

Richard wrote the article Holocaust Capitalism for Cosmonaut.


10:00 - Writer Richard Seymour explains what social media is consuming when we consume social media.

Richard is author of the new book The Twittering Machine from The Indigo Press.


11:05 - Sociologist Adia Harvey Wingfield examines the labor of Black healthcare workers under racial outsourcing.

Adia is author of the new book Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy from University of California Press.


12:10 - Historian Aviva Chomsky looks at what the Green New Deal is, and isn't, and could be.

Aviva wrote the article Jobs, the Environment, and a Planet in Crisis for TomDispatch.


12:45 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen looks too closely at spiders.



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