WEDNESDAY 10AM: The Labor of Lunch: Why We Need Real Food and Real Jobs in American Public Schools | Jennifer Gaddis
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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:20 - From Ankara, journalist Max Zirngast reports on a new, narrow opening against the fascist slide in Turkey.

Max is co-author of the article Daylight in Turkey? for Jacobin. Listen to Max's earlier reports here.


10:00 - Writer Glen Ford explores the possibilities of reparations, and the limits of the Democratic party's racial politics.

Glen wrote the article Reparations Means Global Social Transformation for Black Agenda Report.


11:00 - Writer Shireen Al-Adeimi examines the bloody US hand in the ongoing atrocities in Yemen.

Shireen wrote the article As War on Yemen Hits the 4-Year Mark, Here’s a Brief History of U.S. Involvement for In These Times.


11:45 - Writer Tarence Ray explains what liberals miss when they look past rural America.

Tarence wrote the article Get Real for The Baffler.


12:30 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen sells you the secrets to infinite promise.






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