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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:20 - Neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore explores the new science of the teenage brain.

Sarah-Jayne is author of Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain from PublicAffairs.


10:00 - Historian Sean Guillory examines the bleak present (and future) of the Russian left.

Sean wrote the article Left in a Corner for Jacobin and makes the very recommended Sean's Russia Blog Podcast.


11:05 - Writer Mark Kurlansky traces the long, complicated, economic and social history of milk.

Mark is author of Milk! A 10,000-Year Food Fracas from Bloomsbury.


12:00 - Environmentalist Helena Norberg-Hodge calls for a movement towards economic localization.

Helena wrote the essay Localisation: A strategic solution to globalised authoritarianism for the Transnational Institute.


12:45 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen shines up some atrocities to see his reflection.





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