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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:10 - Anthropologist Scott Atran warns that the West is giving ISIS exactly what it wants.

Scott is co-author of the New York Review of Books essay Paris: The War ISIS Wants.


10:05 - Lawpagandist Brian Foley presents a guide to making lots of money for your lawyer.

Brian just started his own law practice in Philadelphia.


10:35 - Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford explains how Democratic money is cashing out #BlackLivesMatter.

Glen has been writing about #BlackLivesMatter for Black Agenda Report, including the recent pieces “Black Lives Matter” Groups Hoping for a Big Payday

and This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Civil Rights Movement.


11:05 - Journalists Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman examine bad science and worse politics at the EPA.

Valerie and Elizabeth are authors of the In These Times investigation Why the US Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market.


12:05 - Historian Suzanna Reiss traces the history of American empire though the travels of its drugs.

Suzanna is author of We Sell Drugs: The Alchemy of US Empire from University of California Press.


12:45 - Jeff Dorchen reports live from South Carolina on the surreal self-image of the USA.




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