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Saturday on This Is Hell!


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9:15 - Writer Andrea Flynn explores the persistence of racialized barriers to economic equality.

Andrea is author of the book The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers to an Inclusive Economy from Cambridge University Press.


10:05 - Journalist Silvio Carrillo reports on new evidence around the assassination of Berta Cáceres.

Silvio is Berta's nephew, and the director of


10:35 - Journalist Jennifer C. Berkshire explains how Democrats bought into school privatization.

Jennifer wrote the Baffler article How Education Reform Ate the Democratic Party.


11:05 - Journalist Suzy Hansen examines America's era of decline, from outside its borders.

Suzy is author of Notes on a Foreign Country: An American Abroad in a Post-American World from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


12:05 - Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lubin explore the possibilities of Black radical thought.

Gaye and Alex edited and contributed to the essay collection Futures of Black Radicalism from Verso.



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