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Saturday on This is Hell!


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9:10 - Sociologist Peter Frase examines the future beyond climate change, capitalism and other disasters.

Peter is author of the new book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, part of the Jacobin series from Verso Books.


10:00 - CIP Americas director Laura Carlsen finds anger and organization two years after the crime of Ayotzinapa.

Laura wrote the article Ayotzinapa’s Message to the World: Organize! for NACLA.


10:30 - Political scientist Gustavo Setrini profiles the rising Primavera Estudiantil social movement in Paraguay.

Gustavo wrote Paraguay's Student Spring for NACLA.


11:05 - Writer George Ciccariello-Maher explores the past and future of radical democracy in Venezuela.

George's new book Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela is part of the Jacobin series from Verso Books.


12:05 - Invisible Institute's Jamie Kalven details the mechanisms of silence within the Chicago Police Department.

Jamie wrote the 4-part series Code of Silence for The Intercept.


12:45 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen talks about his one unconscious non-racist reflex.

Hoping he doesn't have time to touch on the others then.



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