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Reading List - July 21th

Here's what Chuck is reading to prepare for Saturday's show:

What Happened in Turkey -  Guney Işıkara, Alp Kayserilioğlu and Max Zirngast [Jacobin]

Venezuela After Chávez - Julia Buxton [New Left Review]

Fed up and not afraid! - Jacquelin Kataneksza [Africa is a Country]

Training the Planet: America’s Vast Global Network to Instruct Foreign Security Forces Gets Scant Oversight - Douglas Gillison, Nick Turse and Moiz Syed [100 Reporters]

The Emergence of Command and Control Policing in Neoliberal New York from Policing the Planet chapter from Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter - Alex S. Vitale and Brian Jordan Jefferson [Verso Books]

Reading List


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